Wow. It’s been a while.

Well, hello there. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. So much has happened since march, I have no idea where to begin. The first, I guess, is that I got a full-time job. Yup. In May. I love it. But, that is also why I haven’t been posting as much.

My current job is in marketing. I work with an amazing group of people who work on some awesome technology. I’m learning a lot from them. When I started, i was nervous leaving my children at home. Would they be upset? Would I miss them? How would we all react?

They missed me, yes, but I think it has been good for everyone that I am pursuing my career and my dreams. I’ve always dreamed of working with a cool group of people on international campaigns. And, well, I am. I’m so lucky and, yes, blessed, that I have had the opportunity and the chance to work with everyone.

My children have been going to school and they have noticed that mommy is happier and more focused. I’m showing my daughter that you can be a mom and pursue your dreams. As I told her from the moment she was born, reach for the stars, little one. And, I hope I am the role model she needs to do that.

Going back to work has had its ups and downs – as all changes do, but it has helped me to realize that I need the intellectual and professional pursuit. I love it. I love learning. I love interacting with others and growing. I’ve lost my footing a few times and cried after work. In the beginning, while away from my children, I hid and cried during lunch. Did I have to call them during lunch every day to hear their voices? YES. But Princess Pony is in school. When I get home from work, she is only home for about an hour. We get to hang out together then. I tell her about my day, she tells me about hers. My son looks forward to me coming home every day. Because I am not with him all the time, we have started sending him to preschool. He has made amazing strides. If I were home, he wouldn’t want to leave. I know because we sent him to school and was asked to leave because he kept crying for me. Now that I am not home for him to come home to, he has been creating art for me at school to give me when I get home.

Being a working mom outside of the home isn’t right for everyone, I know. And, I fully support being a WAHM or a SAHM! But, for our family and me, working outside of the home has been the best decision ever. It has given me confidence, it has helped me to find out who I am, my ambition.

If you are a SAHM mom dreaming of going back to work, don’t feel guilty about it. Sometimes, you just need to take the dive and go. I fought hard to go back to work. My husband, at first, wasn’t supportive of me working outside of the home. But, now that it has been eight months, he has nothing but good things to say.

It has been a journey for me. A journey that I am excited to continue on. I hope you will all stick around with me as I figure all this out! 🙂

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