My love affair with vintage, Boudoir Shoot, and Photos and Short Reviews from our Seattle Date Night

It’s not a secret that I’m super into vintage and the “pinup” look. Side note: this must be why I’m totally into Disney. Disneyland evokes that nostalgic feel and every time I visit I feel like I’m transported back in time. I love to sit on Main Street and look at the buildings, the people, close my eyes and imagine what it would have been like in 60 years ago.

Yesterday, I dressed up in my green vintage style dress with pinup hair and makeup.

The makeup and hair was done by BangBangBetty on Instagram for a boudoir shoot with Rosewood Photography. It was supposed to be my Valentine’s Day present, but it got pushed – perfect because it gave me the opportunity to tone up and find the right outfits. Here is a sneak peek:

Full outfit and pictures will be posted when I receive them.

Because my hair and makeup were done, I couldn’t waste the opportunity to drag my husband out on a date night on Capitol Hill. Sometimes you have to let loose, and I did. I love to dance. I love to dress up, get out and be seen.

In the past, I let that part of myself go, but I’m getting it back. I miss that “spark”. So I’m on a mission. The first few pictures were taken at Bai Tong in Capitol Hill – their Thai street food is awesome! Also, I highly recommend their smokey bourbon (the video is below). It’s a super smokey old fashioned. Also, try the mussel pancake – it’s amazing.

After Bai Tong, I danced a little at Wilde Rose, wandered into Bimbo’s Cantina and wandered out (they no longer have the luchador theme so I wasn’t feeling it). Cap Hill was super busy because it was St. Patrick’s Day. I loved the energy, but there were so many lines! I really wanted to go to Unicorn, but I was not going to wait in a block-long like to get in there. So we ended up at the Redhook Brewlab.

Redhook is no longer brewing in Woodinville and moved their taproom and restaurant to Capitol Hill. I miss the feel of the Woodinville brewery – they used to have swing dancing there and we would sit on the balcony and look out when there was a nice day. I wasn’t as excited about the Brewlab and I am in search of a new favorite place to go. I’m open to suggestions!

Here are some pictures from date night:

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