Getting in shape: Keto diet, weight training and waist training

Ever since I was a little girl, I was enamored by the hourglass shape of the 1950s. When I was in my teens, I searched for corsets – the only ones I could find were very expensive and costume-y. I gave up my search for a while.

Recently, I joined a couple of groups on Facebook- The Tightlacing Society and The Corset Society. Amazingly, there is a whole new range of corsets. Gorgeous, beautiful corsets that you can wear in daily life.

I started wearing a corset a year ago – a peridot hourglass corset from Timeless Trends.

I am so in love with it – note: do not wrap the ties around your waist. It’ll warp your corset. I did this for the picture only.

Then, I purchased a purple one:

I love them – it helps my posture and I love the shape.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that I must “be careful” when I wear them and I agree. If the corsets hurt or hinder breathing, then they aren’t the right fit or not seasoned correctly. I carefully season and wear my corsets before wearing them.

In my quest for happiness, I realized that in addition to the corset, I should also change my eating habits and workout plan to get on a healthier track.

I started working out and eating cleaner. I’ll post my workout and eating plan later. By following a lazy Keto diet and working out 5 times a week, I’ve been able to lose 20 lbs and close my 24″ corset.

I am working on losing more to get to my ideal weight, but am happy with my progress and my current results.

Also, I have a lot more energy to chase my kids on little sleep. Sigh. I miss sleep.

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