Our Favorite Wineries in Newberg, Oregon

My parents have a house in Newberg, Oregon. They purchased it when the city was just becoming the “it” place for Pinot Noir.

In law school, I worked in the tasting room at August Cellars. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed meeting the different people who came for tastings.

In the tasting room I learned that tasting wine is a very personal experience – everyone interprets the wine differently. Although we had notes of the flavors of the wine, my favorite was listening to people describe their own tastes and preferences.

Perhaps it is because of my work in the tasting room I enjoy Wine Country Trattoria in California Adventure.

Of all the tasting rooms I have tried in Oregon, here are my favorites:

  • Rex Hill – beautiful winery with an excellent variety of wines.
  • Sokol Blosser – We have been wine club members at Sokol Blosser for years. Their new tasting room is absolutely breathtaking and it looks over the vineyard and wine country. Our favorite every day wines were the red Meditrina and white Evolution. However, they no longer have the Meditrina. You can’t go wrong with their Pinots – all of them are amazing.
  • Ponzi – Ponzi doesn’t have a winery in Newberg, but they have a tasting room. I highly recommend their Rosè and, of course, any Pinot Noir.
  • Torii Mor – Torii Mor is a winery with small batch wines. While a little pricey, their Pinot Noirs are a must try.
  • August Cellars – August Cellars is a smaller winery and they have many wines housed under one roof. Definitely one to take a look at!

Wine tasting in Old Town Newberg

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