Thanksgiving in Oregon

This year we spent Thanksgiving with family and friends in Oregon. Because of a change in our family (my parents had a divorce) this will be the last time we spend Thanksgiving in my parents’ home – it has been very emotional for me.

Our family and friends from Hawaii came to visit us and we all joined together to create a Thanksgiving feast. The food was excellent and we have many leftovers. I am so grateful that they came at this emotional time. At first, I had reservations about having others visit. Other than my hana’i sister, Stitch* (*not her real name, she just loves Stitch) I didn’t want to spend the day with anyone other than my mom, husband and children. I’m glad they didn’t listen to me and came anyway.

The experience of having others here has been helping me through and remember the happier times when our family was all together. The memories of togetherness both sting and bring joy.

It’s difficult for me to think that my father may now have another family. As an adult, my parents’ divorce has been a tumultuous and upsetting experience. As I work through my thoughts of how our family dynamic has changed (and will continue to change) I am trying to look at the brighter side and keep the happy memories close.

Cooking with our friends and family this Thanksgiving has helped me remember the happier times as I unravel the complex feelings I have about this situation. I am thankful for the friends and family we have that have supported us during this tough time. I am grateful for the blessings we have had in the past and the present. And I am hopeful for the future that, though things have changed, our bond with our family and friends will remain and strengthen.

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