Breastfeeding in Disney

A woman in one of my breastfeeding groups posted a picture of herself feeding her child and two women in the background looking angry. She said they were upset because she was breastfeeding in public. The first thing that popped up in my head was,”Why?”

Just a PSA – public breastfeeding is legal in almost 50 states, Florida and California are two of the states where it is legal. (Read about the laws here.)

Before I continue, I would like to point out that this mother’s picture was shared in a private group. And, out of respect for her privacy, I will not be sharing the photo. If you’d like to see and read about it, you can read this Yahoo Article: Disney Mom Shamed for Breastfeeding. I’ve been reading a lot of comments in different Disney Facebook groups and I am appalled by the racism and the Mom-shaming.

There are people who have said,”Illegals go home.” The mom was not illegal. Others who commented on her weight or appearance. If she were a thin, white, size 2, does that make this better? Still, others said she was “trashy.” Who are we to judge? For the ones that say,”God Bless,” after they make their comment, didn’t Jesus say,” He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”

Are you all without sin? I know I am not.

Since it is the holiday season, and we are all looking for the perfect gifts, if you know someone who is upset by the sight of a breastfeeding mother this solution from Baby Tula is perfect:

Photo Credit: Baby Tula

Motherhood is difficult – especially when others feel the need to judge and comment. We need to help each other not tear each other down.

We, as Moms, should help each other out and, in this case, stand up for another mother who did nothing wrong but feed her child.

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