Women in Digital Meetup at Seattle’s The Riveter

This is a little different from my Disney posts, but there is a tie-in at the end, I promise. This morning I went to a Women in Digital Meetup. I had wanted to attend the launch party in October but missed it due to a sick child. (Mom life, right?)

Since I work mostly remotely or when I’m in the office, I have one (AWESOME) co-worker/boss, sometimes it gets a little lonely for me. I decided to branch out and take it upon myself to meet others and try to expand my knowledge of the digital space by signing up as a founding member.

I arrived at the meeting not knowing what to expect – the Riveter space was beautiful and inviting. While I had thought the meet up would be a small group, it turned out to be a group of more than 20 women. Being a little shy, I rushed to a seat and waited for the presentation.

First, Selina Petosa, founder of Rational Interaction, introduced herself and explained why she brought Women in Digital to Seattle. She led us through an “ask” and “give” exercise that was both inspiring and uncomfortable for me. Inspiring as I find it difficult to “ask” for help, but am happy to “give”. As more people stood up, I watched women “ask” for help. I searched myself and while there were many asks that I have like I would love to ask for a mentor, someone to help me brainstorm ideas and help me increase my analytics skills, that would surely help me in my current role, I couldn’t get myself to stand and speak up. Instead, I sat watching as others got up, wishing I could too. I am going to make it a goal that next time, I will stand up and “ask” for help.

Next, Bhu Bains, a senior global marketing manager for Amazon, presented – and she was amazing. I won’t go into the details of it, but it was personal and relatable. As I was leaving, I was able to speak with Bhu and was really inspired by her.

Because I’m really shy and have a difficult time starting conversations with people I don’t know, I felt a little out of place at the end when everyone started mingling. In fact, I hid a little then ran out the door.

After, I sat in the car for a while and thought about the points that were made in the meeting:

  • Don’t be afraid to “ask” for help
  • Be comfortable with being honest about what your financial goals are – and ask for them.
  • Find your “tribe” and collaborate.
  • You don’t always have to be friends with your coworkers, but you can respect and collaborate with them and be there to “have their back.”
  • While people may see you as one thing, you do not have to see yourself that way. You know who you are and what your goals are.
  • Let someone know when they are making you uncomfortable.

These are points that I have to work on and, I believe, will be able to apply in both my personal and professional life. I am going to start working on this. One of my “asks” is if you are a reader of my blog, or even just stumbled on this blog by accident, that you consider these points and how well you apply them in your daily (and professional) life. My “give” is this: if you are a blogger in the parenting or Disney space and would like to be featured on my blog and Instagram, please reach out to me. I’d love to write about, meet, and help you!

If you are a woman working in digital and would like more information on Women in Digital click here: Women in Digital.

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