Is my baby too young to visit Disneyland?

In my humble opinion, you are never too young to visit Disneyland. However, unless there is a very important reason to visit Disneyland with your baby, I probably wouldn’t bring a child under 3 months. I know I will probably sound like my grandmother when I say this, but there are a lot of germs out there! And Disneyland, unfortunately, seems to be the place to catch them.

That said, we have visited with my son and my daughter when they were babies. My daughter visited when she was 18 months and my son visited for the first time when he was 8 months old.

My daughter caught a cold during her first visit and we had to skip our last day of Disney and hang out in the hotel room. We were disappointed, but she loved every minute leading up to the cold and we brought her back again six months later.

My daughter likes to talk about “the first time” she went to Disney, even though she can’t remember it! She likes to see the pictures and point out all the characters she “met” at that time.

I will be honest, I cried the first time my daughter visited Disneyland. She was so happy and excited. Her little voice was yelling,” Mickey! Minnie!” It’s cliché to say, but the memories of that trip, and my son’s first trip, were definitely priceless.

If you carry the right supplies and bring your baby carrier with you, you and your young one will have an amazing time.

Here is a list of items I would recommend bringing with you if you are going to visit Disneyland with a baby:
• Baby Carrier (Tula, Ergo, Mei Tai, etc)
• Diapers & wipes (although if you run out, you can pick these up at the baby center.)
• Backpack Baby Bag
• Bottles
• Baby Food
• Children’s Tylenol (when my daughter had a fever, we soon realized there was only one place to purchase this at the Grand California – the DVC food area.)
• Band-aids
• Extra clothes
• Camera
• Lanyard (it’s so easy to hook that pass around your neck instead of fishing it out!)

What you should leave at home:
• Your expectations. Don’t expect to get everything done with your baby. When I went with my son I was only able to ride 3 rides in 3 days. Instead, I spent a lot of time waiting on the curb taking in the sights or sitting at the baby center while the rest of our party stood in lines. It was fine for me because I loved cuddling with him in his carrier, but if I had gone with the expectation of being on a lot of rides, I would have been very disappointed.

What do you think about bringing babies to Disneyland? Have you done it? Would you? What age do you think is the best to start taking your child?

Let me know in the comments!

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