Princess Pony Reviews The My Little Pony Charm Bracelets

Princess Pony loves to craft so I picked her up a My Little Pony Alphabet Charm Bracelet Kit. It was relatively cheap – $5 and change, but it inspired a lot of fun.

Princess Pony is learning her alphabets, so I thought this would be a great way for her to learn them. Of course, she spelled out Anna and Elsa with the charms.

If you read the reviews on Toys R Us’ website, you’ll see that some say this is a really cheap product. And, it’s true. Honestly, it is very light weight and felt a little flimsy. For all intents and purposes, however, it was perfect. Princess Pony loves playing with it.

The pack comes with

  • 3 bracelets
  • 48 charms (including alphabets)

I wish there were more, but I guess for the $5 price tag I should have purchased two so she could have more vowels…

The pack we purchased was a little different than the one listed – it was specifically for the movie. Princess Pony pointed out there were characters exclusively from the movie in this set. This one is no longer available at Toys R Us, but they are on eBay. For the price, it’s better to purchase the one in stock on the Toys R Us website (I don’t have an affiliate link).

This pack is a great way to help reinforce Alphabet learning and skills. I’d recommend it if you have a MLP lover in your house. Otherwise, the big box of alphabets with string may be the way to go.

Here is our video of the kit:

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