Princess Pony’s night out: A review of Disney on Ice – Follow Your Heart

We recently went to Disney on Ice- Follow Your Heart. It was our first time going to a Disney on Ice performance, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We dressed warmly and went to the venue.

Princess Pony wore her Elsa Costume – we expected, since it was Disney, a lot of children would be wearing costumes. We were surprised to find that they weren’t. (Perhaps because it was so cold?) Luckily, we layered Princess Pony’s Costume, so she stayed warm throughout the performance.

Getting to the venue was quick and easy. We were happy to find there was no line. I believe Sunday afternoons/evenings are good times to get tickets because, in general, we have found that events aren’t busy. The Princess Fall Ball we attended last week on Sunday was also not busy at all.

Here is a list of things to know before going (and a summary of this blog post):

  • There are vendors selling Disney items in the venue. Kids love the spinners and use the spinners throughout the show.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early if you would like to shop the vendors, take pictures, or get your child’s face painted.
  • The cotton candy had ears with crowns on them – how cute is that? I wish I had bought one.
  • Dress warmly, if your little princess or prince insists on wearing their Disney outfit, make sure to layer it or bring a warm coat. I was freezing even though I am never cold and I wore a sweater, a jacket, and a scarf.
  • Sunday’s seem to be the least busy days to go. (But this is my opinion, and you may want to call the venue Disney on Ice is at and ask what is the least busy day).
  • Toddlers are okay, but you have to pay for them. There were kids all over the stadium. If your toddler can’t sit, it seems to be okay. The toddler behind me was jumping around and chattering away, but it didn’t take away from my experience at all. In fact, it enhanced it because I loved listening to his excitement.
  • We loved Disney on Ice – Follow Your Heart – it had storylines from Inside Out, had all the princesses, Classic Disney Characters, Finding Dory, and Frozen.
  • To our disappointment, there were no characters walking around before or after the performance.

There were a lot of vendors outside of the performance. They sell light up spinners, snacks, cotton candy with crowns (I wanted one, but D said no), shirts, program books, and more. Princess Pony took a picture with her best friend – it was $25, but came in a colorful magnetic frame with some of the characters from the show.

After spending 15 minutes in the area, it was time to go in. We had excellent seats – they weren’t too close and not too far either. They were in line with the show, and the stadium had great seating.

We were excited to find that the first part of Follow Your Heart had an Inside Out Story Line. Disney cleverly used the princess’ attributes and stories to explain how Riley was feeling. I won’t ruin the show, so I am going to say that it was a lot of fun, filled with amazing figure skating, artistry, and color.

The second half of Follow Your Heart was a two-part act, they first had a Finding Dory theme, then they had Frozen. Of course, Princess Pony’s favorite was Frozen, and she and her best friend danced through the scenes with Anna and friends and Let It Go.

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