Incredibles and Inside Out Rides Coming to Pixar Pier

I was watching Youtube videos with my daughter, planning our next Disneyland trip, when I saw that an Incredibles and an Inside Out Ride will be coming to Disney California Adventure!

Incredibles and inside out rides coming to disney california adventure

According to Nerdist (Full Article Here):

Pixar Pier will be split into four different “neighborhoods,” and they will be themed around three beloved Pixar Studios movies: The IncrediblesToy Story, and Inside Out. A fourth section will also be included, and will “be a celebration of many of your favorite Pixar stories.”

I am super excited about this because I love Inside Out – it is one of our family’s favorite Disney movies ever. We read my son, Cat Boy, the Inside Out Collection of Emotions every night and my daughter, Princess Pony, watches the video at least once a month.

I was a little saddened to read that Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant and Cove Bar will be going away and will have to take Princess Pony there before it changes over. (Read about it on the Nerdist: Pixar Pier Coming to Disney California Adventure)

Nerdist’s article has a lot of information and pictures regarding the upcoming changes. So I highly recommend taking a look! If you would like to watch a video instead, here is the info on DisNews:


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