Where my cuties at? Halloween spider and Jack o lantern cutie decorations

This weekend we had our annual Halloween party. I love parties and entertaining and wanted to step it up a bit. Here was our menu for today:

  • Jack o lantern cuties – grab a Sharpee and draw on faces.
  • Deviled eggs with spiders – here is the deviled egg recipe: Deviled Eggs. Then, get a can of pitted whole olives. Open the can of olives and drain. Cut the olives in half, length wise so the olives are ovals not circles. Slice 6 “legs” from one of the half circles. And place on top of the spider (see deviled egg spider pic below for reference.
  • Pizza with olive spiders (see spider instructions above).
  • Mozzarella cheese stick broomsticks: cut mozzarella cheese stick in fifths, slice into the mozzerella stick carefully to make little sections. Stick a pretzel stick in the middle.
  • Ants on a log (I don’t like ants) here is the recipe: Ants on a log recipe
  • Witches brew with spiders: mix half cranberry juice, half orange juice, 1 can of ginger ale, ice and plastic spiders.
  • Trophy Halloween Cupcakes

Take home Goodies:

  • Pumpkin straws (Adults)
  • Halloween cups with lids and straws


  • Clearance 3 D puzzles from Michaels

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