5 Reasons the Disneyland Hotel is an excellent choice with toddlers

We have been visiting Disneyland every year since my daughter was 17 months old. I love visiting and seeing her progression.

We always stay on site and have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, The Grand Californian, and the Paradise pier. Although it is expensive, there are a more than a few reasons why we do this. One of which is that we do not have to rent a car or pay for parking. This saves us $20 + a day for parking and at least $150 + a day for a car!

I will write a little more later about why we always stay on site but, for now, we are focusing on the five reasons the Disneyland Hotel is best for toddlers!

1. It is walking distance to the Monorail and Disneyland.

There have been many times where I have had to run back to the hotel because of an angry, sick toddler. Although Grand California is the closest (and I was grateful it was so close when my daughter spiked a fever after the second day), I’ve found the Disneyland Hotel is pretty good in terms of distance AND the rooms are bigger (and less expensive).

2. The hotel staff.

The hotel staff at the Disneyland Hotel is the best. I could write pages and pages on why I just love everyone that works there. On the day my son was sick, they sent up bottles of water so he wouldn’t get dehydrated.

When we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for our family trip, we had 10 people. Packing up and getting ready to leave was difficult. And, even though I had packed all of our things two days prior, and double checked the rooms, I still forgot my favorite shoes. The Disney Housekeeping called me the very next day! They let me know they had my shoes and would ship it to my house free of charge. I was so grateful.

Disneyland has amazing customer service, but the Disneyland Hotel staff is the best.

3. The Magical Lights

The nightlights in the headboard above the beds are amazing – especially with two children with different needs. My son won’t sleep when there is light. My daughter will not sleep when it is dark. The nightlights in the room address both of these. There is just enough light and magic that my daughter will go to sleep and it is not so bright that my son can not sleep. It’s a win-win situation!

4. The Room Sizes (and most have no balconies!)

Most of the rooms at the Disneyland Hotel have been larger than the Pier and the Grand Californian. We always request the rooms with the two queen sized beds and a day bed.

However, my favorite part of these rooms is that most of them do not have a balcony and, instead, have large windows. I prefer these because balconies scare me with young toddlers. Yes, we always watch our children, but I always plan for the worst. Having no balcony in our room provides me with a little more peace of mind.

5. Goofy’s Kitchen is on-site

We always purchase the Costco package when we go to Disneyland because, if you purchase the package at the right time, it includes premium character dining. We have eaten at all of them, but Goofy’s Kitchen is our favorite. With a fun variety of food for adults and children and classic Disney characters, we’ve found it to be the most fun.

Usually, we schedule breakfast on the last day (as a final farewell for the kids). The problem is, when we are at the parks for a couple of days consecutively, we have a difficult time waking up. The ability to run downstairs and get to the reservation on time is key.

Have you stayed at Disneyland? Where do you think is the best place to stay?

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